In this issue of Stifado, we share information and tips for enjoying all the season has to offer. Make the most of your garden or the over-abundance of fruits and vegetables available with our guide to simple food preserving techniques.

Stifado’s Guide to Easy Preserving by Voula Halliday

If you are curious about foraging, we encourage you to explore wild foods and have included a checklist that you can use to prepare for your outdoor adventures.

You might find yourself, like we do, dreaming of exploring faraway places on foot. Suppose you desire to expand your walking adventures. In that case, we share an inspirational interview with Rudston Steward, who runs the Maremma Safari Club, an offbeat touring company.

Exploring Italy, on foot, with Rudston Steward.

The Danish have a tradition of stewing summer berries to create a wonderfully silky pudding called Rødgrød med fløde that they serve topped with cold, thick cream. The contrast of taste and texture in each spoonful is a wonderful surprise to experience. It’s an easy dessert to make and uses any berries you have available. Voula Halliday shares this scrumptious recipe, a perfect way to enjoy your bounty of berries. 

Danish Style Berry and Rhubarb Dessert

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