Favourites In Food

August is my favourite time to enjoy eating outdoors and there is no better reference than Hank Shaw, Author Hunt, Gather, Eat for food recipes and resources for eating in nature. I follow his blog for information on how to eat in harmony with nature.

There’s nothing like cooking and eating outdoors. It can be a cultured garden party or plucky picnic, it could be S’mores around a campfire or rehydrating something exotic in the wilderness. Whatever your fancy, Aman Dosanj of The Paisley Notebook has created Delicious AF Spices to wake up your inner-outdoor culinary diva or devo, to aid in your campfire creations. The spice packets travel well and are perfect for on-the-road adventures – she’s making Indian flavourings super easy to use and fun to experiment with for a delicious outcome.

I met food writer, photographer and stylist, Shayma Sadaat when we were adjunct professors teaching in the post-graduate Food Media program at Centennial College and have been a fan since. Shayma has one of the best Instagram accounts for food lovers. She offers delicious recipes via @SpiceSpoon, and shares suggestions, stories, and her top tips for picture-perfect food styling. I’m constantly visiting her feed for inspiration. Keep an eye on her Instagram Stories and her Bio where she shares updates on her current cooking classes and workshops. I learned how to make the best crispy Persian rice, called Tahdig, in one of her small group live Zoom classes. Shayma is an excellent instructor.

The mission at Tournant is to inspire you to connect with nature, to care about the many hands who farm, fish, forage and craft your food, and to empower you to nourish yourselves and others. All things outdoor cooking with fire including live-fire cooking, events, cookbooks, classes and retreats.

Favourites In Travel

The Norwegians have a saying “Allemannsretten” which is the right of each individual to explore uncultivated land and explore nature. It’s a magical northern country full of fjords, valleys and mountains. My favourite travel site is Up Norway that helps travellers curate their own bespoke adventure in this wild country.

Whether you’re a singleton, a couple, or a throple there are so many ways to see the great outdoors. Hiking, camping, and road trips offer a feeling of freedom and the option of spontaneity. Social media is one way to escape and a great way to find inspiration to escape. I have discovered Tiktokers guiding viewers around the world on foot, mailing dehydrated food packages to destinations ahead of themselves to help lighten their load. I love tutorials of adventurers renovating cool vans to accommodate complete living comfort on the road. It’s about the cooking and eating, the exploring, the relaxing and all-around enjoyment. Two of my favourite travel Instagrammers: A life worth eating and Vega Brothers

My family rented a houseboat and explored the locks of the Trent-Severn Canal for ten days some years ago. I became fascinated with lift locks after seeing the highest one in the world, in Peterborough. I loved every moment of that vacation. Years later, we went on to experience the locks in the South of France on the Canal du Midi. We recently moved to Peterborough, and the first thing we did was book a houseboat for another adventure through the locks. The trip was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we are rebooking just as soon as possible. In the meantime, I continue to pursue learning more about locks around the world with the hope of seeing more. I’d welcome any suggestions you might have.

Matador is an outdoor and travel equipment company focused on engineering high performance travel equipment. Super functional and innovative design, material technology, and construction give their products an edge that bring outdoor expertise to the pursuit of travel. Whether you are going for a hike or on a trip across the globe there is something for you.

Favourites In Lifestyle

Sometimes to enjoy the outdoors, you need to simply be at one with nature. The premise of Barefoot Healing is the concept of ‘Earthing’. To take your shoes off and ground yourself with the earth’s presence. It’s something we can all do very easily by taking a moment in a park and enjoying the simplicity of putting your feet on the earth.

I’ve recently gotten into poetry and find it soothing yet also motivating. But please don’t ask me to recite any from memory – I have a mind like a spiderweb, a few things stick but a lot gets away. One of my two favorites is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost – for its tendency to be misinterpreted yet ultimately leaving one with a clear intent to explore. The other is Japanese Haiku author Kobayashi Issa

“The cool breeze. 
Twisted and crooked, 
Then came here.”

With a few simple words cradled within three brief lines, he instantly refreshes and places you in the lap of serenity.

Like many, I spend a lot of time on my social media feeds. It has me wondering about our current digital lifestyle and thinking through the pros and cons of this way of being. To satiate my curiosity about the vision behind these different platforms I am reading a very interesting book called No Filter, The Inside Story of Instagram by Sarah Frier and have signed up to attend  Livestream: Sheera Frenkel & Cecilia Kang on “An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination”  What is the future vision for these platforms that so many of us spend hours each day on? I hope to get an inside scoop. Where do we go from here I wonder?

I am in love with the artwork of this Scandinavian flora, fauna and fungi illustrator from the forests of Sweden. Saga Maria’s work is a beautiful way to bring the forest home, I can’t wait to get my “Edible Shrooms” botanical poster!

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