Myths and folklore of mermaids date back to 1000 BCE when Syrian goddess Atargatis transformed into a fish to atone for causing the death of her lover. We are fascinated and curious about the many Mermaid stories throughout history in all corners of the globe.
Half-fish, half-human, this beautiful exotic creature lures mortals to a watery grave, adorns the bow of ships to appease the gods and bring sailors good luck, and guides us here, on a journey of discovery in this edition of Stifado. 

This is where we dive in beyond the myth and folklore of the underwater world. We’ll offer you a glimpse into the powers and strengths found below the surface of the sea while highlighting the urgency and importance of sustainable practices to support life and biodiversity within all of our water worlds.

Mel shares with us the superpowers of tide-to-table nutrition, and how sustainable seaweed and algae-based eating can have significant health benefits. And for those of you who wish to dive into the reading further, Renee provides the goods on how to forage and identify seaweed with  Dr. Prannie Rhatigan, an Irish-based seaweed expert. 

We feature two brilliant women this month, women who teach us how to sustain life on both land and in the water. Voula gives us a glimpse into the world of  Kimi Werner, the “underwater freediving huntress” and Arlene interviews Swedish chef and MSC Ambassador, Frida Ronge who shares with us her passionate commitment to the underwater world and offers tips and tricks on how to source and cook fish sustainably. 

71% of our planet is covered in water. From humans to microorganisms, every living creature needs water to survive.  We hope that this water-themed edition and the stories within will inspire you to discover more. 

Happy swimming,  Melissa, Voula, Renee, and Arlene.

Excerpt from The Rime of the Ancient Mariners 
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

 Water, water, everywhere,
 And all the boards did shrink;
 Water, water, everywhere,
 Nor any drop to drink. 

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