Favourites In Food

For those interested in learning more about how to source and prepare sustainable seafood, check out this course on Seafood Literacy from Barton Seaver,  who is  a pioneer  championing sustainable seafood.

My dreams are often of wandering in Ireland along Galway Bay joined by my besties at Dooncastle where we’ll devour as many freshly harvested oysters as possible. Then we’ll fly to Japan and make our way to Hokkaido. With a big spoon in my back pocket, I’ll dig into those spiney shells to slurp-up the most delectable sea urchin in Japan.

When I studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia, an entire unit was dedicated to Asian techniques and recipes. I fell in love with it all and dedicated myself to learning with a passion, from my instructors and from the many chefs in Australia exploring Asian food. Sydney chef, Christine Manfield’s spiced barramundi with tomato-chilli pickle recipe is one of my favourites.. You can use any sustainably sourced white fish for this dish. And, I am especially fond of Thai food and love any recipe for Thai steamed fish or Thai fishcakes. Recently I discovered Marion Grasby—she has so many great recipes you might like to explore and a few great fishcake recipes I plan to make this summer.

Lori McCarthy (@codsounds) is a Cultural Food Educator based in Newfoundland and is an amazing source of wild foods recipes including seaweed!  Lori is currently finalizing work on her cookbook Food Culture Place and it is expected to hit shelves this October.

Favourites In Travel

An often overlooked place to visit in Europe is the Polish Capital of Warsaw. Rebuilt from the ground up after WWII,  it’s not your typical European city centre but a bustling metropolis characterized by modern high-rises and relics of a communist past. Warsaw was built on the banks of the great Vistula river which runs from Krakow to the Baltic sea and it’s mascot and protector is a fierce Mermaid who is said to have captured the hearts of the people through her songs. Today the river banks are filled with shops, restaurants and bars and beaches to capture the summer sun. It’s worth looking into.

I love snorkeling. Give me a warm pacific ocean with a coral reef and a boat to jump out of at the just-right spot and you won’t see more for hours. I also love road trips and since I don’t actually drive it’s very relaxing. One of my favourite trips was to Northern Quebec meandering alongside the St. Lawrence to  Saguenay Marine Park with spontaneous stops on the coastal road to watch the grande baleines frolic in the crisp, clear waterway. So many lovely memories of adventures with friends.

On our last few trips to Greece, we’ve been exploring the region of Mani, further south of Lakonia (where my family is from) and the southernmost tip of mainland Greece. Mani is rugged, rough, mountainous and its inhabitants, the Maniotes come with an intense old-as-time-itself history.. I’ve decided to learn more about Mani by travelling through the pages of the book Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponnese. It is by English author Patrick Leigh Fermor, published in 1958.

With the hope of world travel just around the corner, the world seems to feel a bit more at our fingertips again.  If you are planning a trip to Norway make a pit stop on a Seaweed Safari to harvest your own seaweed and then cook it shoreside with Catxolot. They have a sister instagram account for all of their seaweed cooking recipes.

Favourites In Lifestyle

Do you want  a holistic approach and healthy relationship with all aspects of the sea? Visit The Sea Side with Emily de Sousa a Canadian, whose family immigrated from the Açores Islands. She grew up surrounded by the sea, both literally and figuratively, and went on to earn a degree in marine social science and environmental governance. An advocate for healthy oceans, her website covers how to source, buy and eat sustainable seafood. She shares recipes and culinary adventures focused the rise of “Pescatourism”.

I recently built myself a little bench for my balcony plants to perch on. It was my first time using power tools and what a life-changing experience! With a little practice and some solid pro tips from a friend, the possibilities are endless. I’m looking into taking some classes at a local Home Depot to hone my carpentry skills – there’ll be no stopping me.

I dedicate creative time for myself every August, and this year I will be exploring bookmaking. I’ve been following the Winnipeg Artist Debra Frances who is a bookmaker and has inspired me. Debra produces leather from fish skin by an oil tanning process. She uses fish leather to make exceptionally unique book covers. Are there any bookmakers out there that have suggestions for me?

Superfood skin care from the sea. MARA Beauty Universal Face Oil is an award-winning, hydrating face oil created for all skin types packed with age-defying algae, plankton extract and four superfood plant oils to replenish and hydrate tired, dry skin.  #SeatheGlow

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