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Favourites In Food

Cooking Indian has become a staple of mine during lockdown and I love Chetna Makan for inspiration, especially her videos.

The strong, enticing imagery and content of Fool Magazine transports and motivates me to explore the culinary cultures of the world.

I spend a lot of time exploring digital platforms focused on food, culture and travel for the work I do. When I’m exploring new things to cook at home I like to go to Green Kitchen Stories.

When you want to get lost, watch this beautiful Turkish family prepare their meals over fire, no dialogue, only the sounds of nature and their delicious food preparation on Country Life Vlog.

Favourites In Travel

Atlas Obscura satisfies my obsession with history and culture and helps create my future travel bucket list.

To prepare for a trip I’ll take a deep dive into Roads and Kingdoms, the ultimate travelogue source that is both very astute and practical.

My favourite form of travel right now is a list of hashtags I follow on instagram, like #smorrebrod (I miss Denmark), #tituskaphar (I saw his art exhibit in Washington DC and he is amazing), and #punchneedlelove (a new hobby and there are creators all over the world–I’m making new friends daily).

With world travel briefly on hold, my adventuring has been limited to forests near home. With the All Trails App, just pick an area on the map and go! I can find GPS marked trails in just about any place I want to go.

Favourites In Lifestyle

To stay healthy my go to guru is Holly Dolke Her exercise and diets routines are easy to schedule and help balance out the lockdown fried chicken madness.

When I’m perusing for inspiration I float along with Liziqi for her incredible ease and talent of making her impeccable lifestyle feel so doable.

After collecting every issue for many years since the first one “Modern Urbanists” came out in 1996 I now get the “daily digest” from delivered to my inbox. It covers everything from design, entertainment, beauty, technology, art and even tantalizing ways to enjoy my gelato.

I have been cutting my own hair for over a year thanks to this goddess Jayne Matthews of Edo Salon in San Fransisco. She offers one on one cutting classes, digital cuts and video tutorials you can watch on your own time. No experience necessary.

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