Hello and welcome to our first newsletter and the soft launch of STIFADO.

Here is where we provide you, our first subscribers, with a glimpse into who we are and the exciting plans we have for our new website and business celebrating everything great about food, life and travel. 

The concept of στιφάδο, (the Greek word for stifado, or stew) can be traced as far back as 8th century BC Japan. Flipping through international cookery books, our own family recipe cards, and food and travel magazines over the years, we can say with confidence that at any point in time, in every home around the globe there has been some version of stew, a glorious jumble or mishmash of ingredients, presented to family and friends at mealtime. Like the planning of an adventure or journey, ingredients are added little by little, matching inspiration with a goal in mind. We often think of stew as heartwarming and meant to be shared; something that reminds us of home and nourishes the soul. We at STIFADO agree that this is a deeply satisfying metaphor for life.

When we four talk about stew we are passionate, expressing how this dish connects us to the flavours of diverse cultures, to a sense of time, and to places all over the world. In every pot there is the commitment to create a great outcome. There is a sense of adventure and hope as the final dish may vary a little from the previous one made, like a visit to the same place can offer up a new experience.

We are inspired by this centuries-old tradition of combining a variety of elements and the right conditions to create an awesome experience that we can share with others. STIFADO will provide the best of food, travel, lifestyle, and all that goes with exploring communities and cultures around the world. We envision experiencing sustainable food and lifestyle communities everywhere, together with you. 

We hope you enjoy STIFADO

From the editors, Melissa, Voula, Renee, and Arlene.

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