Voula Halliday earned her reputation in the kitchen early, as a toddler when she climbed onto the counter so she could get her hands onto and then bite into a raw yellow onion. After discovering this intense, crispy, and surprisingly juicy pleasure, Voula made a lifelong commitment to counter-grazing which she eventually legitimized by going to culinary school. When Voula is not cooking she is developing recipes, writing about cooking, or teaching about food and cooking. At the end of the day, after everything is eaten and the kitchen counter wiped clean, Voula likes to stay up to draw until she hears the birds sing in the early morning, signalling for her that it is time for a wee bit of sleep before she gets going again.

When Voula isn’t travelling, there are three places that she especially likes to be, each with two things in common – they are super close to family and beautiful bodies of water. There‚Äôs home, in the breathtaking Kawartha Lakes District; a cabin on Skeleton Lake blasted into existence by a meteorite impact some 800 million years ago; and her ancestral home, the village of Sykea, in the southern Peloponnese region of Greece. Voula plans to spend a lot more time in Greece where she and her husband will base themselves while she further explores her Mediterranean culinary history–both cooking and writing about it.

Voula’s Favourite Things Right Now

Voula’s Songs For Cooking

Underwater Love: Smoke City
This is the Sea: The Waterboys
Ta Paidia Tou Peiraia: Melina Merkouri
Night Swimming: REM
Cry Me a River: Julie London

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