Melissa Finn has a common Canadian heritage story, with both parents born in Montreal, strong roots in Cape Breton, New Brunswick, Indigenous Canada, Ireland and France. 

Mel was always at ease in nature, with little fear and a big sense of adventure. Her summers were always spent camping lakeside and teaching horseback riding.

Mel has a passion for travel and is eager to learn about new cultures, peoples and lifestyles. She has been fortunate enough to explore a wide range of places from Nicaragua sourcing green coffee, to China, Fiji, Australia, Europe, and road trips from coast to coast.

Mel’s curiosity and passion for creativity led her into a wide range of work experience before finding food. She completed a program in professional makeup art and hair, was a thoroughbred racehorse groom and finally graduated from a theological university before finding restaurants, which would change everything for her.  

Her first food job was in an award-winning fine dining restaurant focused on local seasonal cuisine which unveiled a passion for natural ingredients and the fascinating stories of where food comes from. Connecting to food became an obsession and she passionately pursued hunting, foraging and crafting food and cocktails with ingredients plucked from nature. This gal can skin a bear, butcher it and cook up the best Ursus Ragout this side of the Rocky Mountains, all over an open fire in the wild.

Mel’s Favourite Things Right Now

Mel’s Songs For Cooking

Spooky: Dusty Springfield
Raspberry Jam: Allah-Las
54-46 Was My Number: Toots & The Maytals
Smooth Sailin’: Leon Bridges
Dive: Tycho

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